Wearable Technology

I believe that wearable technology is 100% the way of the future. There is a reason the wrist-communicator is a staple of futuristic science fiction. Wearable computing is the direction that technology is rapidly heading and will eventually become the norm. People are obsessed with trying to make technology smaller and more convenient/user intuitive. The move to wearable technology will soon be viewed comparable to the move from home phones to cellular phones. The next most convenient place to put technology is somewhere theres no way to lose it, and additionally allows you to be hands-free opening a wide range of multitasking. Several real-life complication can also arise. Wearable technology can reduce the capacity to have private conversations what with it being furhter away from your ear. I don’t think surveillance would change in anyway because they already track you and know what you do on your phone, I cant imagine they would treat wearable technology any differently. It could also pose a danger in real life interaction. Google glass in particular conjures up thoughts of people playings apps and searching the internet while driving. Aside from making it illegal, which it certainly will be, there arent many ways to stop people from doing this. Stupid people will be stupid.


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