Public Personal Information

Is it okay for the government to access our personal information? In most situations, I say of course not. If we have private locked down information that is promised to be secure, than no, I do not think the government or anyone should be allowed to see or access that kind of information. However, if they information that is being seeked it PUBLIC, I dont really see a problem with it. WHen you put information out for the public to see, you leave it there for ANYONE to see. Including the government. In almost any situation where you are required to submit or post private information, you are given the option to hide it, or keep it private. 

Pieces of information I consider private are my address and all aspects of it, my credit card information, my internet traffic, and what I download. I also consider private messages or direct messages secure. I would alaso consider emails, texts, and phone calls private. Any information that I put on the internet, but choose to classify as PRIVATE should be private.


I dont think that corporations shouldnt use public social media information. I think social media is one of the best if not THE best ways to conduct market research. I DO think that it is okay for the government to review social media situation if it is already public. If the rest of the world can see it, the government can too. BUT, i do not support the government delving in further than normal eyes can see.


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