The Government Shutdown

After much deliberation, at midnight on September 30th, the United States government went into a shutdown. According to The New York Times, the shutdown is a result of the the House of Representatives and the Senate unable to come to an agreement about how to spend the national government budget (Weisman 1). It was only a few hours before the deadline that the Republican House leaders gained the upperhand in the vote with a majority of 228 to 201. Apparently, The House leader has met with President Obama and they have been unable to negotiate and agreement. This shutdown will furlough approximately 800,000 of the 2 million government jobs. All federal offices and facilities that are deemed “non-essential” are closed until the shutdown is over. However it isn’t as bad as it sounds. According to, over 65% of the federal workforce will continue to work ( 1). Several groups such as Social Security recipients, Medicare and Medicade recipients, and unemployment will continue to receive benefits in light of the shutdown. The Supreme Court however, will only be able to fund itself for two more weeks. There needs to be an agreement, so the shutdown can come to an end the government and the economy can get back on track.



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