Computer Science Citations

In this blog post I will be writing three citations. The first is from a book. The quote I will be using is, “These JUMP instructions appear in two varieties: unconditional jumps and conditional jumps,” (Brookshear 95). The second will be a journal article from the schools library database. The quote is, “Clustering is a well-known mining technique,” (Firouzi 237). The third citation is from a news source. The quote from the New York Times is, “The war against cancer is increasingly moving into hyperspace,” (Patterson 1).


Works Cited


Brookshear, J. G., Smith, D. T., & Brylow, D. (2012). Chapter 2 Data Manipulation. In                                                     M. Horton & M. Hirsch, (Eds.), Computer Science: An Overview (pp. 73-100). Massachusetts: Addison-Wesley.


Firouzi, B. B., Niknam, T., & Nayeripour, M. (2009). A New Evolutionary Algorithm for Cluster Analysis. International Journal of Computer Science, 4 (4), 237-241. Retrieved from


Patterson, D. (2011, December 5). Computer Scientists May Have What It Takes To Help Cure Cancer. The New York Times. Retrieved from



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