Net Neutrality

Net neutrality is is the concept that all content on the internet should be treated equally by the government and the internet service providers. The reason that the government or service providers would treat users and content differently is because of mainly copyright laws that are currently being widespread broken across the internet. This mainly concerns peer-to-peer sharing, mainly illegal file sharing of copyrighted contents. This includes music, movies, tv, books, etc. Government initiatives to prevent this are finally starting to gain ground. An example of this would be SOPA. SOPA, or the Stop Online Piracy Act, is a United States bill that would allow the government to mandate and enforce the blocking of websites or websites from certain users if they are found to be violating the act. The bill is currently postponed because of the immense negative critical backlash from the public and websites at large. Several notable large websites participated in a blackout protest in order to make everyone more aware of SOPA. Any websites that publicly declared they’re support were attacked by the famous hacking group Annonymous. 

I believe in net neutrality, and that the Internet should remain as it always has. It is fundamentally wrong to take away the freedom of the internet. I am extremely worried about any of these bills passing, as an avid user of the internet. If any such laws come to pass, I believe that a new underground, unmonitored internet will be created. The world wide web and its users are just far too vast for any government to hope to successfully regulate.


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