How Do I Feel About Open Source Technology?

I feel that open-source technology is one of the greatest things in the technology world. By making the tech open source, be it hardware or software, creates a world of possibilities. Basically open source means that the hardware/software is legally open to the public to tamper with in any way they see fit. This has several advantages. Basically, anyone can develop for the hardware now, and anyone can improve/mod the software. Anyone. This often leads to a much greater amount of possibilities than any team working on closed software could fathom. Open-source technology also brings the technological community together. Often on the internet, entire website are dedicated to the development and sharing of ideas working on open source tech. 

However, there are of course cons to open-source technology. The downside being that, pretty much once the open-source tech is out there, theres virtually no concrete way for the original developers to continue profiting off of the technology. After the initial purchase of the tech, anyone can create their own modifications, and share them for free. Sadly, but not at all unexpectedly, open-source often leads to rampant piracy. A recent example of the pros and cons of open source tech is the Kickstarter-funded video game console the Ouya. The Ouya is an open-source videogame console that runs on Android software, the first of its kind. It’s open software allows literally anyone who owns one to develop a game and sell it on the virtual marketplace. However, because its open source, people have found ways to manipulate the technology, and pirate games at their pleasure. This problem has become very publicized, and is turning the once brilliant-seeming Ouya into a failure. 

In conclusion, I believe that open-source technology is a double-edged sword. While I love the sense of freedom and possibilites its provides, I’m aware and agree with companies that look down on open source and refuse to practice it.


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